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6 Attractive Spring Interior Design Trends

6 Attractive Spring Interior Design Trends

Spring Interior Design Trends for 2018

It's time to welcome Spring interior design with a new home refresher. Just like your wardrobe changes with the seasons, designs shift too. This Spring be on the lookout for some bold elements, colors, & accents to consider. Some trends are reappearing, some are brand new, and some are controversial. Below we have some our favorite Spring interior design trends shaping the design world as we dive into one of our favorite seasons.

Embellishing Fringe

Fringe is back & ready to stay. This trim style can add personality to blankets, pillows, & even rugs. Step up your fringe - furniture, lights, & wall hangings with fringe trim are the latest and greatest. Another great trend in the fringe family is macramé. Gorgeous macramé wall hangings (often sold by artists themselves or if you're feel crafty - you can create this look) are a great embellishment piece, too. You may even come across a mirror as retro as this one from Apartment Therapy. This is a trend I can appreciate!

Neutral Kitchens

All white interiors were the trend for a while due to their clean, minimal look. However, neutrals of cream, blues, & grays are taking over this year. Whether your kitchen is a gathering place, a space for you to create delicious meals, or your happy place - this space should be simple, yet inviting. You can expect to find warm tones this seasons with wooden accents, similar to this kitchen on Home Stores A to Z.

Swedish Influence

The Swedes practice a lifestyle concept called Lagom. It centralizes around the idea of living with less stress through balance. Bringing the outside in creates balance aesthetically as well as improve your health. Check out our blog on air purifying houseplants for recommendations. Utilize different elements you love to create a comforting space. This break down from Houseology incorporates simplistic design with a modern touch.

Brass Accent Elements

Perhaps a controversial trend, but brass is making a strong comeback and it’s better than ever. This Spring, you'll see tons of retro looks with a modern touch. Brass has an aged look that styles great on kitchen cabinets & living room furniture accessories. It creates a vintage, yet sophisticated look, similar to this kitchen by Decorilla.

High Contrast

If you’re in need of a bold change or looking for energy in a room, consider high contrast colors. This makes for a great sophisticated look, but it’s super dramatic as well. You can’t go wrong with the classic contrast of black & white design. You can even add more contrast by incorporating a bold furniture piece to a white room, like a red sofa. This black & white modern inspired home from Luxe Source is a beautiful example of creative, fun, and sophisticated.

Natural Finishes

There’s something about natural elements in your home that is calming & serene. Maybe it’s being surrounded by all of the technology nowadays that creates the feeling of being constantly on the go. Natural finishes create a peaceful atmosphere, but don’t let them dull your senses. Consider bold, wooden pieces that are stylish but practical like this living room from One Kind Design.