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How To Turn Your Succulents Into Delicious Meals

How To Turn Your Succulents Into Delicious Meals

A plant is a wonderful way to liven up a room, whether you have a green thumb or not. Over 391,000 species of plants are currently known to science. This makes it difficult to pick the right one for your home. Flora all have distinct purposes and you may want to settle on one that can do more than one thing for your home.

Succulents are not only fantastic rustic decorations in a home but they can also be used to quench your thirst or fill up your stomach. They are extremely easy to take care of indoors and have an edible fruit that can be cooked into a delicious meal. So, try growing a few succulents in the living room, or close to the kitchen. Here are a few yummy ways you can incorporate succulents into your diet.

The All-Purpose Aloe Barbadensis

Many people know that aloe can be used for medicinal purposes. It can improve skin, lower blood sugar, reduce constipation, cure dermatitis, and alleviate arthritis pain. However, this plant can also take those benefits and place them into tasty beverages and cuisine. Many popular businesses have already used it to create the well-known aloe drink and if you want to take advantage of it, then you should plant aloe in a wide container under indirect or artificial sunlight. They only need to be watered every three weeks and even less during the winter. Remove the spine and skin to create translucent pieces when they are mature. These parts can then be cooked and eaten however you'd like.

Make a Cocktail out of the Opuntia Species

Opuntia is a common species of succulent that is used for cuisine. The prickly pear cactus, in particular, produces a delicious fruit that is also extremely easy to grow indoors. The plant requires twelve hours of sunlight, either directly from the sun, or by another source. It prefers room temperature to grow so you can keep it anywhere in the house during the spring and summer. It can be used to create sweet candy or jellies, when it bears fruit. However, it is most popularly used in restaurants in conjunction with alcohol. You may have had a delicious and thirst-quenching prickly pear cocktail, and now you can make one right in your home. You have to remove the thorns and then its exterior skin to prepare the fruit for cooking. The juice can then be extracted from what is left over and mixed with vodka, sugar, and fruits.

Delicious Cakes from the Yucca Baccata

The banana yucca is an interesting looking succulent that also produces an edible and delicious fruit. You should pot and plant them during the end of winter because the banana fruit blooms in spring, if you want to take advantage of their cuisine. They prefer lots of sunlight so be sure to keep them near windows and water them once a week. The Apache and Navajo Indians harvested the fruit of the banana yucca. They would roast or boil them, and remove their seeds. Then they would crush the flesh into a pulp to form sweet flat cakes. To do so, you need to use extreme caution because the plant’s leaves are sharp enough to pierce the skin. However, with the right precision, you can also try the infamous sweet flat cakes.

Try it Yourself

Homesteads get a nice rustic look from including succulents in home décor. They can also be the source of a delicious dessert, drink, or dish. So, why not consider growing one of these delicious plants to provide your home with a functional yet beautiful look?