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8 Best Indoor Gardening Supplies Every Plant Owner Should Know About

8 Best Indoor Gardening Supplies Every Plant Owner Should Know About

What Are The Best Indoor Gardening Supplies?

Whether you are starting to bring your plants indoors because of the cooler temperatures or just love indoor planting, you are going to need some basic indoor gardening supplies to help your plants flourish. We've complied a short list of our favorite indoor gardening supplies to help you and your plants grow during these cold fall/winter months!

1. Neem Oil

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Pesticides are a tool that plant parents want to use to ensure their plants thrive, but oftentimes they are filled with toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your plants, your pets, and you. Neem oil is a unique treatment because it is a non-toxic pesticide that helps your plants thrive. Since it is fully extracted from the Azadirachta indica tree, it is completely natural, leaving behind no chemicals in your soil and making it perfectly safe to treat growing herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Of course, there are safety precautions that should be followed when using this pesticide, but overall neem oil is a great purchase for any plant parent.

A spray bottle dispenser allows for easy application and even distribution of the oil, ensuring that those pests get away and stay away. It is best for controlling aphids, whiteflies, and spider mites, as well as mildew and black spots. Countless pests can infect your plants, even indoors, so making sure you have a safe way to avoid them is a necessity for at-home plant care.