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Taking Cottagecore into 2023

Taking Cottagecore into 2023

What is the Cottagecore Aesthetic?

Cottagecore is an aesthetic movement which embraces the romanticism as well as the practicality of classical styles. The style rose to popularity in the spring of 2020. Remember the initial outbreak of COVID-19, and the lockdown shortly thereafter? Just kidding … we all recall that time very, very clearly. Many people’s desire to escape from the harsh reality of that unprecedented time, and embrace aspects of a simpler age, manifested as a lifestyle change. Some looked to the past, seeking out the whimsy and nostalgia inspired by an idealized view of frontier and farm life. Thus, Cottagecore was born.

History of Cottagecore

With their new-found freetime, many found themselves putting their energy into new pursuits … activities they were too busy for before the schools and workplaces shut down. Dalgona coffee was whipped, and focaccia was baked. Homes were painted and redecorated. Gardens were planted and nurtured. These projects bolstered us through those difficult days, and in many cases, we have kept up with them until today.

At least, that certainly seems to be the case. Cottagecore itself remained the most searched home design aesthetic of 2022, and it does not appear to be fading anytime soon. For many, Cottagecore has become a lifestyle rather than a passing trend.

What Defines Cottagecore?

Often, Cottagecore is reflected in the clothing choices made by one who has embraced this aesthetic, choosing frocks and floral prints paired with overalls and hand knit sweaters. Cottagecore is also a movement which has embraced sustainability, breaking the highly disposable trend cycle and instead favoring styles reminiscent of the Regency and Victorian eras.

The root of Cottagecore is to embrace the aesthetic of living in a cabin or other rural setting, so of course the style's foundation remains grounded in interior design. You may have spent lockdown learning to crochet, and have since completed enough throws to wallpaper your apartment, or you may have spent months thrifting to find the perfect duster for your bedroom - whatever the case, we applaud you.

We here at Soltech love to keep things green, and fully support bringing Cottagecore into 2023 and beyond.

Cottagecore Plants

In many ways, Cottagecore starts in the garden, but as the weather gets colder, that doesn’t mean you can’t simply bring the garden inside.

Trailing Ivy or String of Hearts

Don’t forget that nothing ties together a Cottagecore design quite like some rich greenery. Think of growing dark trailing ivy or the rosy string of hearts buds cascading down your shelves and across your window sills. You can build yourself your very own secret garden, if you would like. Cottagecore is all about embracing a simpler and slower life, and nothing inspires such feelings quite like watching a plant grow and thrive while you provide it with a little TLC.

Indoor Herb Garden

Are you intrigued by the “farmer” side of the Cottagecore aesthetic as much as the ruffles and corsets, and feel like trying your hand at indoor agriculture? Start small and experiment with an indoor herb garden. Grow a pot of rosemary, and add some to your next loaf of sourdough (you know, from the recipe you found and perfected over the spring of 2020). Or, if you prefer to start your morning with coffee instead of fresh bread, grow some lavender and try your hand at making your own floral coffee syrup. A grow light bar under your kitchen cabinet can provide all the light you need for your little herbs to bing their cottage-y vibes and good smells to your kitchen counter.

Windowsill Flowers

Maybe you're not a pro in the kitchen, but you are a whiz at other artistic pursuits. Do you enjoy painting? Grow some indoor flowers! plant some easy-to-grow bulbs such as daffodils and lilies, or grow some roses and mums on a sunny windowsill - then work on a still-life painting with the live subject matter. Maybe you just want to try your hand at pressing some flowers, a simple craft which can be enjoyed on its own, or suspend the florals in resin as a decorative element to a different project.

Cottagecore is about finding the joy in small things. So get out there and collect mismatched dishes from flea markets. Knit lopsided sweaters. Add matcha to baked goods which arguably should not have matcha in them. Do all the little things which feed your soul, because that’s just how you grow … and we’re here to grow with you!