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Watch how easy it is to install the Grove from start to finish.

Touch Power & Dimming

A tutorial on how to power and dim your Grove

Grove Hanging Heights

Finding the right distance between the Grove grow light and your plant can be a challenge. Pictured are the hanging heights and coverage areas for both Grove grow lights.

The hanging height will depend on your specific plants light needs. For example, if your plant needs high light (medium indirect light), we strongly recommend hanging your light 1" to 12" above your plant(s).

For hanging height recommendations for your specific plant, check out our plant guide!

Installation Guide

Open & download the Grove™ Installation Guide here

Learn about your plants

With 50+ plants, this guide helps you quickly identify your houseplant's watering, lighting, humidity and temperature needs and what Soltech grow light will work best for it. Explore and learn about your favorite plants before ever buying a light.

Light Cycles

Learn more about your plants light cycles

Light cycles are used to simulate day and night conditions for indoor plants. For houseplants, light cycles are typically less important. Generally, it is recommended that grow lights be on for 12-16 hours a day to ensure optimal growth. However, specific plants may require specific light cycles.

To determine what light cycle is best for your plant, you can think of the plants native environment and when those plants typically grow or bloom.

There are three types of plant responses to light cycles: short-day, long-day, and day-neutral. Short-day and long-day plants have a critical light and dark period associated with them that determines when the plant switches from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage. Day-neutral plants are generally unaffected by light cycles and flower when the plant is mature.

So, if you want your plant to focus on producing flowers/fruit, you will need to change the light cycle into the critical light period.