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Aloe Plant

SCENTIFIC NAME: Aloe barbadensis

KNOWN AS: Aloe Vera

CLIMATE (LOCATION): Southeast Arabian Peninsula | Tropical (semi-arid region)

DESCRIPTION: This succulent has lovely spear-like leaves that fan out from a central stem. It is very easy to care for and its extra plump leaves contain a first-aid bonus inside. The watery gel in each spear can provide quick relief for burns or bites.

Aloe Plant Care

Water your soil deeply but allow the top half to dry out between waterings. Reduce how often you water in winter or in lower light conditions.
A happy, thriving Aloe needs plenty of bright, indirect light and a few hours of direct sunlight.
Aloe plants like high humidity, but they will also appreciate being misted occasionally to remove dust from their leaves.
This plant likes temperatures that are comfortable for people, but it prefers the warmer side. If it feels cold or uncomfortable, it might complain.
Ingesting Aloe gel can cause mouth and stomach irritation as well as vomiting. In some cases, the swelling of the upper airway may occur. Keep this away from children and pets.
Aloe plants reproduce themselves! You will see little Aloe plants popping up from the soil near the base of the parent plant. Wait until the pup is a few inches long and then cut it out from the soil, making sure to get some roots. You can then place the pup in water to develop stronger roots or pot up right away if the root system is complex enough.

Hanging Heights

Aloe Plant Lighting Requirements: Full Sun (Bright Direct Light) & High Light (Bright Indirect Light)

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