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SCENTIFIC NAME: Maranta leuconeura

KNOWN AS: Prayer Plant, Herringbone Plant

CLIMATE (LOCATION): South America | Tropical

DESCRIPTION: This prayer plant has green leaves with red veins and undersides. There is also a variant with green leaves that have neon green veins. This low creeping plant does well on high shelves or hanging planters.

Maranta Care

Always water your plants thoroughly, but make sure to let the top inch or two dry out completely before watering again. In winter, water your plants less so the soil can get up to 50% dry.
Your Maranta will thrive in medium to bright, indirect light. Try to keep it away from rays of direct light as this will likely scorch the leaves and fade the pretty leaf patterns.
Maranta plants love humidity! To increase the humidity around your plant, try grouping it with other humidity-loving plants or placing it in a humid spot like the kitchen or bathroom. If you want to be absolutely sure the plant gets enough humidity, use a humidifier.
This plant can adapt to average indoor temperatures, but it won't do well if it's exposed to cold drafts or dry heat from vents. The leaves are likely to wilt and turn yellow if this happens.
This plant is safe for your whole family, including pets and children. Even if someone takes a bite out of it, they won't get poisoned!
When you repot Maranta, you can divide them into multiple plants. You'll pull apart the roots and pot each one into their own vessel. If you'd like to propagate without dividing your plant, you can also try a stem cutting. Cut a stem with 3-4 leaves and cut just below the lowest leaf. Remove the lower leaves to ensure a clear stem before planting it in soil.

Hanging Heights

Maranta Lighting Requirements: Medium Light (Medium Indirect Light) to High Light (Bright Indirect Light)

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